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Thank you very much to those who came by our booth, to buy something, take pictures, talk or just take a look a the clothes!

Thank you also to my dear friend and husband who came and helped me with the booth that day. ^_^

Those are pictures of our booth. You can find all pictures on my Flickr stream.

I had lots of fun at the Dollshow! It was my first time as a seller. For three years I’ve been going there as a buyer or photograph, and it was really interesting to be on the other side for once. You don’t see things the same way. ^^ I can say that both sides are different but equally interesting and fun. I’m really really happy I did this. And I sure would like to do it again in the future!

We all sold at least a little, which made me happy. On a more personal note, I sold of all the sets I had. And that made me really happy.

The preparation of the show was really exhausting, I almost didn’t sleep for all of October (because of the Dollshow combined to my regular work and other things) and it was really hard sometimes. I made a lot less than what I wanted. But in the end, when on the morning of the show I saw all the pretty packages with my logo on them, I felt happy. I couldn’t do all that I had wanted, but what I had was nice and well made. I was so excited after the first set sold! All the more because it was my favorite (sadly no picture of the package, forgot to take them before the clients came). And at each sale I wanted to express my gratitude to the buyer. I could have hugged each of them! ^^; I guess that’s because I’m just starting, and I was really unsure of how people would welcome my clothes. I’m really happy that I debuted at an event like that, where I could see the clients and interact with them. It was a priceless experience! After the show was over (and before I almost fell asleep at the restaurant) it suddenly really hit me: I had made it! I had my space, people went to look at my clothes, took pictures of my display, took my card back with them, bought my clothes! It was so crazy! I felt like I had achieved something.

But of course, it’s just the beginning. Now that I’ve started I really want to keep on making clothes, I want to keep on learning and improving my skills. I’ll try to sell them online. Japanese people gave a rather good welcome to those clothes, now I’m wondering how people from everywhere else will like them… ^^; But I know I really liked doing this, finally after all these years I’m finally making my own clothes and offering them for sale, and I want to continue. I hope you will be with me on that new journey. ^_^

Sorry for taking such a long time to post about the Dollshow. I was trying to rest and organize myself after the show. I’ll soon write a more detailed post about the sets I made for the event (since I couldn’t post them before the show). And talk about NHK (although there is not much to say there).


We’re going to have a booth at the Dollshow!! \o/ “Me” being my husband, my dear friend Hiroko who will come help us and myself. It will be a joint booth between several brands: I Have Wings from Argentina, EuroTrash from Finland, Stellinna from France and me from Japan (my brand name will be “Amelie no mori”, like my sewing blog ^^). You can see all the details about the brands and products we will have on the “event” page that I set up some time ago. You can find it at the top of the page, among the other tags, and here is the direct link.

It started when Romina from I Have Wings contacted me to check if I could sell for her at the next Dollshow, back in August. I thought it might be a nice thing to do and an interesting experience, so I agreed to do it. EuroTrash and Stellinna soon joined the fun. I’ve been wanting to sew more for dolls and share my designs with people for quite some time now. I’ve always loved designing clothes and it seems a good way to do it “for real”. :) Plus I usually make a lot more things when it’s not meant for me, it gives me some motivation. So I thought, since I’d be there anyway, that I would try to make some clothes myself and start my own little brand! ^^ Of course now I’m late and sewing like crazy and preparing everything at the last minute, ha ha… ^^;

Anyway if you’re in the neighborhood that day, please come by and check our booth, there will be lots of beautiful things to see and I love to meet new dolly lovers. ^^ The Dollshow is held on November 1st in Tokyo. Our booth number is 5F-15.16 (it’s on the fifth floor). And don’t forget to check the details on the event page!

Stella Savannah

She’s adorable!! I love everything on this design: the light pink straight hair, tartan dress, blouse, velvet cape, shoes… I can’t wait to see the pictures. I fear that once again I may be disappointed compared to the image I have in my mind. Let’s cross our fingers!

It’s a Toys’R Us limited, that will be sold in japanese and some asian Toys’R Us shops and Junie Moon shops. It’s planned for december, and should cost 15,540 yens.

Sanrio girls

They were a present from my father when he spent a few weeks with us in August. I’ve been eyeing them since their release, I’m really happy to have them today! Kuromi was a favorite since the beginning. I’m not the biggest fan of Sacchin’s face, but My Melody has really grown on me, I’m glad I got her.

So cute! I love the soft winter color palette.

Although maybe for a total “winter” look I wouldn’t have chosen black for Nikki. But they’re cute. ^^ They should be released in the middle of November.

Here are the Dollshow versions (November 1st):

I find them less original with their Christmas colors.

It’s lucky I’m suscribing to store newsletters so I can know about the new releases, cause I can’t check the official websites very often now. You might have noticed that I don’t post very often lately. It’s not that I don’t want to, I just have no time, too much work. :( I have things to say though, so I’ll try to find time in the next weeks.

My little ghost

The outfit is handmade by me. It’s not finished yet but I wanted to take a picture of my cute girl in it, since it was viewable. ^_^

The display used for this picture has a story, I’ll take some time one day to talk about it…

2009 Fall-winter Momoko

Last week Sekiguchi updated their website with the new Momoko planned for the autumn and winter! Although I don’t know if I like the new method (showing small pics of all dolls before) or the old one (showing them one by one, or two by two) better, it is sure fun to see the new faces. ^^ And to have more releases than in 2008! Here is the picture they’re showing:

From left to right: Outdoor Boyish, ready for a mountain walk (although I doubt that the mini skirt is the best option for that) ; Orion’s Sonata, very elegant, ready to go play the violin while her father plays the piano ; Milk Tea Party, who seems loosely inspired by an Alice tea party theme (I LOVE her clothes!!); Sparkling 80′s, who seems to like 80′s rock music ; Early Spring Marina, who loves a walk by the sea in her simple clothes.

Their clothes are just gorgeous!! God how I love Momoko outfits. They really put some infort into designing and creating them. From what I see here, I like everything in those new girls outfits. Nothing seems useless to me. As much as it makes me happy as a Momoko lover, it is bad! Because right now I want all of those outfits (whether I get the doll or not). And NEW SHOES!! I’m crazy about Momoko shoes. And those two pairs worn by girl 2 and 3 (from the left) definitely seem like new shoes. They’re like strap shoes/MJs, but pointer than the existing ones, whith a slimmer heel and with the strap a little higher on the foot. I can’t wait to see them! I love strap shoes, and those look adorable. I hope they will soon release them alone in other colors as Stoc market items.

Here is another official picture where you can see their faces a little better:

I’m not sure yet of what I think of the doll themselves. They’re cute of course, but most Momoko are. I can’t buy (or want to buy) all Momoko dolls that I find pretty. I don’t even want to want all those I find beautiful. They have to be special, to inspire me before I get them. I have to know what their character and background are (or at least some parts), and that they will fit in my family. So I guess I’ll wait to see more of them. That said, that 80′s girl feels special, and seems to have a stong personality. I like that. What is funny is that I’m really not into 80′s usually. ;)

Momoko T-strap shoes

This is the newest type of Momoko shoes designed: T-strap shoes. Those three pairs are the ones Sekiguchi released to be sold alone (not worn by a doll). I really like them, they have a very feminin and elegant shape. They were worn, among others, by Space Rendez-vous and the CCS summer girls. My favourites among those three are the purple ones and the white x salmon pink ones. So nice!

For those interested, they are now available at Shiratama Zenzai. You should hurry, because until September 14th it’s “shoes week” over there: all Momoko shoes are sold are 1,400 yens, which is 12.5% off. And since they’re very light, shipping fees are quite low and are do not change if you add a few pairs. ;)

Deconiki event

Petworks recently announced that from September 25 to October 4, there should be a small deconiki x ninita exhibition at the entrance of the Laforet building. We don’t have any details yet, I’ll keep you informed when I know more about it. Ninita is the brand who did a collaboration with Momoko some months ago.

(picture from Petworks website)

Prima Pullip ~ the end

I’m a little late for the second one, but since they just announced the last doll of this series I thought I’d show them together.

Here is Sala, Asia-limited.

“Hong Kong” limited would be a better name it seems: she will only be sold at Hong Kong “Comic World” convention next week-end. They don’t say anything about online orders either on Groove’s blog or on the Hong Kong convention website. I guess some people will probably get it to resell on Ebay though.

And here is the last sister, Sola, Japan-limited.

She will be sold at the end of August in various shops in Japan, and will cost 7350 yens.

All three sisters have soft colors. My favourite might still be Lala (the American one), but they all have good points. I really like Sola’s hair color for example. But I’m not found of the bright blue around her eyes.

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