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Prima Pullip ~ the end

I’m a little late for the second one, but since they just announced the last doll of this series I thought I’d show them together.

Here is Sala, Asia-limited.

“Hong Kong” limited would be a better name it seems: she will only be sold at Hong Kong “Comic World” convention next week-end. They don’t say anything about online orders either on Groove’s blog or on the Hong Kong convention website. I guess some people will probably get it to resell on Ebay though.

And here is the last sister, Sola, Japan-limited.

She will be sold at the end of August in various shops in Japan, and will cost 7350 yens.

All three sisters have soft colors. My favourite might still be Lala (the American one), but they all have good points. I really like Sola’s hair color for example. But I’m not found of the bright blue around her eyes.

2 comments to “Prima Pullip ~ the end”

  1. Anya says:

    C’est malin de craquer sur la plus difficile à avoir T_T J’espère aussi que Sala ne sera pas trop chère sur eBay !

  2. Personnellement, je préfère de loin Sala, elle est plus dans les couleurs qui me plaisent. Mais bon, ma wishlist est déjà assez longue, je ne vais pas la rajouter dessus. ^^
    Bon courage Anya pour l’avoir !! :)

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