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2009 Fall-winter Momoko

Last week Sekiguchi updated their website with the new Momoko planned for the autumn and winter! Although I don’t know if I like the new method (showing small pics of all dolls before) or the old one (showing them one by one, or two by two) better, it is sure fun to see the new faces. ^^ And to have more releases than in 2008! Here is the picture they’re showing:

From left to right: Outdoor Boyish, ready for a mountain walk (although I doubt that the mini skirt is the best option for that) ; Orion’s Sonata, very elegant, ready to go play the violin while her father plays the piano ; Milk Tea Party, who seems loosely inspired by an Alice tea party theme (I LOVE her clothes!!); Sparkling 80′s, who seems to like 80′s rock music ; Early Spring Marina, who loves a walk by the sea in her simple clothes.

Their clothes are just gorgeous!! God how I love Momoko outfits. They really put some infort into designing and creating them. From what I see here, I like everything in those new girls outfits. Nothing seems useless to me. As much as it makes me happy as a Momoko lover, it is bad! Because right now I want all of those outfits (whether I get the doll or not). And NEW SHOES!! I’m crazy about Momoko shoes. And those two pairs worn by girl 2 and 3 (from the left) definitely seem like new shoes. They’re like strap shoes/MJs, but pointer than the existing ones, whith a slimmer heel and with the strap a little higher on the foot. I can’t wait to see them! I love strap shoes, and those look adorable. I hope they will soon release them alone in other colors as Stoc market items.

Here is another official picture where you can see their faces a little better:

I’m not sure yet of what I think of the doll themselves. They’re cute of course, but most Momoko are. I can’t buy (or want to buy) all Momoko dolls that I find pretty. I don’t even want to want all those I find beautiful. They have to be special, to inspire me before I get them. I have to know what their character and background are (or at least some parts), and that they will fit in my family. So I guess I’ll wait to see more of them. That said, that 80′s girl feels special, and seems to have a stong personality. I like that. What is funny is that I’m really not into 80′s usually. ;)

3 comments to “2009 Fall-winter Momoko”

  1. C’est vrai que leurs tenues sont sympas, mais pas de gros craquages pour moi non plus (enfin, pas comme certaines sorties récentes qui me font trop baver).

  2. suza says:

    i think i like that they are previewing the new releases this way. being given such a long heads-up of what will be released through january/february helps me think hard about my buying choices. before, sometimes the announcement is too quick and i make a bad buying decisions. this way i have a few months to decide :)

  3. Alicia says:

    Yes I definitely love Milk Tea Party & Sparkling 80′s. I really just want Tea Party’s outfit but there IS something about 80′s girl. I also looooooveeee the MJ shoes!!!! I hope they release those too!!! At least they are selling the dolls one at a time and you dont have to worry about buying them all at once. I hope I can save money some how for those two. (I told myself I wasn’t going to buy anymore Momokos, but they make me so happy!!)

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