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My little ghost

The outfit is handmade by me. It’s not finished yet but I wanted to take a picture of my cute girl in it, since it was viewable. ^_^

The display used for this picture has a story, I’ll take some time one day to talk about it…

3 comments to “My little ghost”

  1. Kady says:

    Bah raconte !! On veut savoir :p

  2. suza says:

    i love her outfit! that skirt is too perfect. the little ghost is adorable. i admire your embroidery skills!

  3. Tout comme Kady… on sait que tu veux nous raconter des trucs, mais tu ne le fais jamais… alors qu’on veut savoir !! ^__^ Vas-y, lance-toi, fonce ! XD
    Bisous !!

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