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We’re going to have a booth at the Dollshow!! \o/ “Me” being my husband, my dear friend Hiroko who will come help us and myself. It will be a joint booth between several brands: I Have Wings from Argentina, EuroTrash from Finland, Stellinna from France and me from Japan (my brand name will be “Amelie no mori”, like my sewing blog ^^). You can see all the details about the brands and products we will have on the “event” page that I set up some time ago. You can find it at the top of the page, among the other tags, and here is the direct link.

It started when Romina from I Have Wings contacted me to check if I could sell for her at the next Dollshow, back in August. I thought it might be a nice thing to do and an interesting experience, so I agreed to do it. EuroTrash and Stellinna soon joined the fun. I’ve been wanting to sew more for dolls and share my designs with people for quite some time now. I’ve always loved designing clothes and it seems a good way to do it “for real”. :) Plus I usually make a lot more things when it’s not meant for me, it gives me some motivation. So I thought, since I’d be there anyway, that I would try to make some clothes myself and start my own little brand! ^^ Of course now I’m late and sewing like crazy and preparing everything at the last minute, ha ha… ^^;

Anyway if you’re in the neighborhood that day, please come by and check our booth, there will be lots of beautiful things to see and I love to meet new dolly lovers. ^^ The Dollshow is held on November 1st in Tokyo. Our booth number is 5F-15.16 (it’s on the fifth floor). And don’t forget to check the details on the event page!

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  1. Alicia says:

    Wahh!! がんばってね!!! That’s so great!!! I often thought of asking you to do that, but thought it would be too troublesome. Let me know how things go and if you do it at the next DollShow, maybe I can join and help split the cost!!!(^_^;)V

  2. Ro says:

    Congrats for your debut, Lholy! :)
    I’ll be visiting the Doll Show next Sunday and I can’t wait to stop by your booth.

  3. Kady says:

    Encore une fois FELICITATIONS !!
    J’espère que tout avance bien même si c’est beaucoup de boulot.
    En tout cas je pense fort fort a vous !! COURAGE !!

  4. laho says:

    C’est super ! Bon courage !!

  5. Blue says:

    Congratulation Lholy chan ^^

    I wish I could see your interview in NHK. I tried to find it but I’m not sure if they have it online or not.

    So happy for you!! ^^

  6. Alors, ça s’est bien passé ? ^^ Et c’est quoi cette histoire d’interview ? Allez, racooonte ! XD (bon, t’as le droit de dormir un peu, mais ne tarde pas trop)

  7. violette says:

    BRAVO!! Je suis bien contete que tu te sois lancée!! Ton pitit bout de stand etait bien joli je trouve!
    Et oui, comme Charismatchi le dit: Racontes nous l’interview! ^_^ On est trop curieuse de tout savoir!!!

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