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Thank you very much to those who came by our booth, to buy something, take pictures, talk or just take a look a the clothes!

Thank you also to my dear friend and husband who came and helped me with the booth that day. ^_^

Those are pictures of our booth. You can find all pictures on my Flickr stream.

I had lots of fun at the Dollshow! It was my first time as a seller. For three years I’ve been going there as a buyer or photograph, and it was really interesting to be on the other side for once. You don’t see things the same way. ^^ I can say that both sides are different but equally interesting and fun. I’m really really happy I did this. And I sure would like to do it again in the future!

We all sold at least a little, which made me happy. On a more personal note, I sold of all the sets I had. And that made me really happy.

The preparation of the show was really exhausting, I almost didn’t sleep for all of October (because of the Dollshow combined to my regular work and other things) and it was really hard sometimes. I made a lot less than what I wanted. But in the end, when on the morning of the show I saw all the pretty packages with my logo on them, I felt happy. I couldn’t do all that I had wanted, but what I had was nice and well made. I was so excited after the first set sold! All the more because it was my favorite (sadly no picture of the package, forgot to take them before the clients came). And at each sale I wanted to express my gratitude to the buyer. I could have hugged each of them! ^^; I guess that’s because I’m just starting, and I was really unsure of how people would welcome my clothes. I’m really happy that I debuted at an event like that, where I could see the clients and interact with them. It was a priceless experience! After the show was over (and before I almost fell asleep at the restaurant) it suddenly really hit me: I had made it! I had my space, people went to look at my clothes, took pictures of my display, took my card back with them, bought my clothes! It was so crazy! I felt like I had achieved something.

But of course, it’s just the beginning. Now that I’ve started I really want to keep on making clothes, I want to keep on learning and improving my skills. I’ll try to sell them online. Japanese people gave a rather good welcome to those clothes, now I’m wondering how people from everywhere else will like them… ^^; But I know I really liked doing this, finally after all these years I’m finally making my own clothes and offering them for sale, and I want to continue. I hope you will be with me on that new journey. ^_^

Sorry for taking such a long time to post about the Dollshow. I was trying to rest and organize myself after the show. I’ll soon write a more detailed post about the sets I made for the event (since I couldn’t post them before the show). And talk about NHK (although there is not much to say there).

7 comments to “Dollshow”

  1. NHK ? ^^’ (moi pas comprendre sigles bizarres)
    J’suis vraiment contente que tu aies tout bien vendu ! ^__^ J’suis sure que si t’avais une boutique Etsy (ou autre), ça marcherait du tonnerre. =)

  2. Celine et Muriel says:

    We are so happy for you !! Really !! Really !! Really !!
    Can’t wait to have more details about everything ! We are sooooooo proud of you and so moved about all of this.
    Congrats !!
    Lot of kisses and an email (or a letter) soon !

  3. laho says:

    Super ! Je suis très contente pour toi.
    Merci pour ce report !

  4. yah says:

    My name is Yoshitaka Hoshi, one of doll mania in Japan.

    (Sorry, I write this mail with a Japanese-English translation software.
    I think it is grammarless.)

    I saw your dolls in Dollshow 26th in Japan at Nov.1. They are beautiful!

    I will write an event report at
    And I introduce that page to other friends in my doll forum. in U.S.

    Please browse that webpage and check a photos of your dolls.
    If you don’t like to upload those photos, Please mail to me. I delete it.

    Yours sincerely,

    (Commemt in Japanese)




  5. Celine says:

    Au fait, je ne te l’avais pas dit mais je trouve tes cartes de visites absolument ADORABLES !! Et très pro !!

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